We believe that sound long-term preparation enables students to develop the tools necessary for success. Whether mastering academic course materials or studying for standardized tests, our students develop the skills and motivation to maintain a rigorous, individually tailored approach to learning that ultimately instills education’s most enduring rewards:


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Academic Growth

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Joy In Learning

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Intellectual Curiosity

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We adapt traditional methods of study and practice for the individual student. Our tutors teach students to study not just intensively, but effectively. We do not believe in “tricks” and we recognize that there are no short cuts. Instead, we teach the core content and strategies relevant to every subject, test, or assignment, an approach that is consistently educational.

Our Approach To Learning


Long Term:

Cognition involves phases of digestion, application, and repetition that take time, both during and between teaching sessions. The benefits of such productive work, of course, become long-term as well.



Advantage Testing students work hard. We teach the efficiencies of skill, knowledge, and sound reasoning rather than short cuts or tricks. Assignments, memorization, drills, and practice tests are crucial components of our programs.



For more than thirty years, we have continually refined and expanded our teaching materials and approaches. Our curricula and instruction reflect a depth and breadth born of experience and thorough analysis.



We design and implement concrete strategies with specific steps toward attainable goals. Practice itself is the backbone of our structured test preparation.



Perhaps paradoxically, our structured approach enables creativity. Tutors adapt their distinctive styles of teaching to each individual student, while the student in turn is encouraged to contribute to the process.